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Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers the most commonly asked questions by our platform users. If you cannot find answers to your questions here, our Customer Support Team are on hand to offer you any direct support you may require.


We use the terms Agency and Brokerage interchangeably on this portal.

Agents under the same agency can all operate as one entity under their agency account.

An agency account cannot be opened directly on the front end of our website. Any agency that is interested in operating on our portal has to register through our Web Admin.

We use the terms Agent and Broker interchangeably on this portal.

An agent can operate an account alone as an individual or can work under his agency account if he belongs to one.

Like agencies, an agent account cannot be opened directly on the front end of our website but through our Web Admin.

Property managers don't usually charge broker commission fees and as such, they are permitted to open up and manage their listing accounts directly without the involvement of our Web Admin.

Property managers are required to select the Property Manager option when opening up their accounts so property seekers know who exactly they are dealing with.

Property owners can open and manage their listing accounts directly on the front-end of our portal without going through our Web Admin.

We use the term Property Seekers to refer to both people that use our platform to search for properties to rent or buy.

Property Seekers do not need to register/create an account unless they intend to use some additional functionalities on our website such as saving their property searches, receive listing updates from us, or rate listings.

Searching for properties on our portal is completely free of charge for everyone.


The 20L-60D Happy Neighbourhood is a free-for-all package.

This package allows for a maximum listing of 20 properties for a listing duration of up to 60 listing days.

It is most suited for small portfolio property owners.

The 50L-90D Basic Package allows for 50 paid listings for up to 90 listing days.

It is most suited for landlords of medium or property managers and lone agents of small property portfolios.

The 150L-120D Premium Package is a paid package that allows for a maximum of 150 listings for a duration of 120 days with flexible renewability.

It is most suited for property managers of large property portfolios or lone agents/brokers.

The ULL-ULD Clubhouse Package is a paid package that allows for an unlimited number of listings for an unlimited duration.

This is most suited for agencies and some large portfolio agents and property managers.


  1. Anyone that wants to list a property must first create an account. It is not possible to upload a property on our platform without being signed in and no one can sign in without prior registration.
  2. Anyone that wants to save search results, rate listings, or wants auto-notifications from our website concerning property availability.
  3. Anyone that wants to receive our newsletter/magazine

Tupangisa.com platform users need to create an account in order to be able to:

  1. list a property
  2. get property availability auto-updates
  3. save property searches
  4. rate listings
  5. subscribe to our newsletter/magazine

Non-registered users can browse our portal and can even make contact with property listers who make their contact details publically available.

However, a non-registered user cannot upload a property, rate a listing, save a property search or receive listings auto-updates.

Real estate Agencies and Agents cannot set up accounts on the front-end of our portal by themselves. They have to register through tupangisa.com Web Admin by following this link.

All other users can create their accounts by themselves following a simple process of registration that requires them to provide their names and a valid email address. For a detailed step-by-step guide, go to the How to Create an Account page.

There are a few reasons why it is important for real estate products providers to register with their real names and contact details:

  1. The purpose of our portal is to facilitate direct business dealing between real estate products providers and users.  Accurate representation of one's identity is required by law
  2. It is in the providers' interest that their target customers are able to contact them. This would not be possible if the providers do not make available their correct contact details
  3. Accurate self-representation is good for instilling customer confidence and trust 

We value our clients' privacy and keeping your personal information safe is a top priority consideration for us.

Tupangisa Realty, our holding company, is UK-registered (CRN 12234518) and is regulated by UK trading laws. Our users' privacy is protected under the UK General Data Protection regulations (UK GDPR). Follow this link to read our Privacy Policy.

After a failed login attempt, you will see a Lost your password? link in the login popup window. Click it and you will be prompted to provide your Username or Email. A link will be emailed to you with instructions to reset your password. 

A user can close and delete their account with all of their information with a simple click of a button. No information is retained on our system once the deletion process is complete.

To delete your account, log in normally and under the user dashboard, click on the My Profile link, and at the bottom of My Profile page, click the Delete Account button.

Log in as usual. Under the user dashboard, click on the Properties link. A page populated with all your properties will pop up. Click on the Actions button to the right of the particular property you want to delete and select Delete.

Forgetting a password is normal and common place. If it happens to you, do not panick. You can easily reset it in a few easy steps.

After a failed login attempt, you will see a Lost your password? link in the login popup window. Click it and you will be prompted to provide your Username or Email. A link will be emailed to you with instructions to reset your password. 

After a failed login attempt, you will see a Lost your password? link in the login popup window. Click it and you will be prompted to provide your Username or Email. A link will be emailed to you with instructions to reset your password. 


  1. All of the properties listed on our portal are intended either to be rented or sold, hence the two property  statuses:

    1. For Rent
    2. For Sale

Property Categorisation on our website is solely based on the properties functional purpose.  The four categories are:

  1. Residential - all properties meant for domestic habitation.
  2. Recreational - all properties that are primarily used for purposes such as leisure, enjoyment, relaxation, entertainment, and spot.
  3. Commercial - all properties that are occupied for business purposes such as a retail space. Whilst a residential rental is a business on the part of the property owner, we still categorise it under residential since, to the occupier, it is a domestic duelling.
  4. Land - used to cover mainly all unbuilt spaces but it may also include built spaces that are being sold as pieces of land.

Property Types are subsets of property categories.

A) Residential Category 

  1. Apartment - a self-contained housing unit that is usually a part of many similar units under one block
  2. Bungalow - a stand-alone, self-contained, non-storeyed house
  3. Muzigo - a low quality, often non self-contained house. Mizigo (plural for muzigo) are usually but not always of a terraced nature i.e. attached one to another and are often crammed is small spaces. They are the constituent pillars of slams.
  4. Quarters - popularly known as Boys Quarters in some places and Cottages in others, they are small houses appended to or enclosed under the same compound with a main house. They are often meant as accommodation for domestic support stuff , house guests, older children or elderly family members in a home. They may be self-contained or otherwise, stand-alone or terraced, bungalow-like or storeyed. 
  5. Storeyed - also called a Ghorofa in Swhahili or Kalina in Luganda, a storeyed house is any building that is more that one floor. 
  6. Students HOSTEL - this does not really constitute an independent building structure category and is only listed as such on our website for expedience purposes. A student Hostel is any duelling dedicated as a students' accommodation. 

B) Recreational Category 

  1. Airbnb - short for “Air Mattress Bed and Breakfast”, it is a form online recreational accommodation service where the property owner lets out their space to others, often travellers and is very short term. It's in many ways akin to a holiday home
  2. Camper Van - also called Trailer or Caravan, they are recreational houses on wheels that can be driven to and parked at a desired camping place  
  3. Cottage - according to Wikipedia, it's usually a small house that often carries the connotation of being an old or old-fashioned building. In modern usage, a cottage is usually a modest, often cosy dwelling, typically in a rural or semi-rural location and is often used as a getaway house.
  4. Guest House - a lodging facility that usually has fewer facilities (e.g. rooms) and amenities than a hotel. Other names include Motel, Lodge, and or Bed & Breakfast.
  5. Holiday Home - any form of housing used for temporary recreational living such as a cottage in the woods or simply an apartment. They are usually fully furnished and, on occasions, serviced.
  6. Hotel - a recreational facility that provides full  board lodging and , often, meals and other services for travellers and other paying guests.

C) Commercial Category

  1. Building (Commercial/Industrial) - an entire building available for any commercial function as setting up offices or retail units or industrial function such as setting up a factory.
  2. Spaces  (commercial/Industrial) - sometimes, the entire building is not available but spaces with in it might be. This could be available for functions such as events, retail, offices, industrial, storage, etc.

D) Land Category

  1. Land for Rent - by this, we imply land hired on a short term, periodical payments basis. 
  2. Land for Leasing - this is land to be hired on a long term basis and payment tend to be one large payoff at the beginning of the contract.
  3. Land For Sale - land advertised as For Sale on our platform is classified according to the purpose for which it is being sold or the land tenure type. All land advertisers are encouraged to be clear particularly about the land tenure so as to close their leads more quickly. 

Land Tenure Types:

  1. Customary Land - land which is owned by indigenous communities and administered in accordance with their customs.
  2. Freehold Land - land that can be owned outrightly and indefinitely without any conditions. 
  3. Kibanja Land - this is broken down into domestic, economic and contractual ownership. In general, a Kibanja owner has some legally recognise rights over the land but does not have absolute ownership of it. He is a form of a squatter whose limited ownership rights are bounded according to which of the three category he falls under.
  4. Lease Land - land owned only for the duration of the lease agreement. It is the direct opposite of freehold land.
  5. Milo Land - This is land that was apportioned to private and institutional owners as their private, freehold land in the provisions of the 1900 Buganda Agreement. The basic unit of this kind of land is 1 mile, hence the word Milo ( a Luganda rephrase of the word).


  1. Visit the Uploading A Property page for a step-by-step instructions guide.


  1. There are two ways to search for properties on our platform:

    1. By using the navigation menu which lists all available property statuses and categories
    2. By using the search form on the Home page where in one can enter the location of interest and then apply property status and categorisation filters to find what they are looking for

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