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About Us


...the people that enhance your real-estate user-experience with the convenience of a one-stop services hub

Tupangisa Realty is our trade name. We are a real estate services & property development business. Through strategic partnerships with the sector’s best providers, we are crafting an integrated real estate and property development services and management model to bring the two subsectors together under one roof.

The immediate effect of the projected efficiency of a one-stop services hub shall be greater user convenience. Long term, the collaborative model of the best providers working alongside each other shall bring down service delivery costs and shall significantly improve service quality, with the net effect translating into a memorable user experience for our clientele.

To bridge the gap between services delivery and user expectations in the real estate sector through customer-centred innovation and strict adherence to industry best practices

The story of our journey starts with the chance encounter of a distressed elderly lady - Jajja Nalongo - aboard a Heathrow-bound flight from Entebbe. Nalongo, a UK immigrant worker, had been tipped off about a property for sale in a prime Kampala suburb and had considered it a worthy retirement investment. Excited about the prospects, she had scooped up all of her last savings for the purchase. Sadly, the sale had turned out to be a scam. In one swoop, heartless scammers had swindled all of her money.

Now, overcome by grief, this elderly citizen was braving a return journey back to a cold country she had worked so hard to retire away from. Nalongo had led an honest life and had endured years of hard labour. She had paid her fair due to society. All she had wanted was to live a dignified, quiet retirement life of self-reliance - a reasonable aspiration really. Now, that aspiration had been shattered by the greed of senseless scammers.

We later learned that Nalongo’s story, excruciatingly painful as it was, was hardly unique. Someone had to do something. That's where we came in. We responded with an ethical business model that reacts to the needs of the people fairly. Our model offers vulnerable members of our society a safe space and trusted partners to facilitate safe fulfillment of their deserved aspirations.

We envision an ethical, information-driven real estate sector where services are innovatively designed around the users' changing needs

We aim to be a socially responsible business that embraces fair trade labour policies, is ethical and professional, supports charitable causes, and cares about the environment 

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